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Social Business

Social Business solutions – or Enterprise Social Networking – are changing the way businesses work.

They promote communication, collaboration and innovation. They provide new avenues for tapping into the knowledge, experience, creativity and enthusiasm of individual contributors.

EastPoint has been helping our clients to get value from collaborative technologies for over two decades – long before the term Social Business was first coined.

Game-changing technologies

New technologies, and especially mobile technologies and Web 2.0, have already changed our private lives beyond all recognition. They allow us to remain ‘connected’ 24/7, to keep in contact with friends, family, and communities of common interest.

Forward-thinking enterprises are adopting these technologies because:

  • They keep your employees connected with colleagues and your whole organization while in the office, on the road, working from home, or even relaxing after work.
  • They provide competitive advantage by bringing you closer to customers and suppliers.

What is the key aspect of Social Business? The technology? No, it’s the ability to find ways to optimize your business processes and to support your user community through the adoption process.

  • Our proven approach and methodology supports adoption in a number of ways, the most important being that users see the real business value of the new technology from day one.
  • We create an Information Architecture that maps factors from your organization’s structure, culture, documents and data, security needs, ecosystem, and business processes into the social business environment.

EastPoint will help you bring these game-changing technologies into your business life. We work with the best offerings from leading vendors including:

  • IBMIBM Connections and SmartCloud
  • Microsoft – SharePoint and Office 365

If you’d like additional information, a copy of our white paper on Promoting User Adoption of Social Business Solutions, give us a call today:

  • Email: salesrubbish@eastpointsolutions.ie
  • Dublin: +353 1 254 2911
  • London: +617 830 1896
  • Boston: +020 3289 3911

“Microsoft Ireland and EastPoint Solutions have been working closely together on various Microsoft technologies and solutions … Among these solutions is the strategically important Office 365 … we consider EastPoint to be one of our leading partners in Ireland. Through their various client engagements, they have demonstrated that they have the technical ability, and the experience, that is required to deliver on Microsoft’s Office 365 proposition. As a Microsoft accelerated partner, EastPoint receive priority access to a range of Microsoft resources and support when required.”

Colin Cassidy, Partner Strategy & Programmes Manager, Microsoft

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