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Cloud Computing

Although the term Cloud Computing has been in common usage for less than 10 years, the concept and technology have already transitioned from being new and novel, to being ubiquitous and essential for and personal and business lives.

EastPoint has been advising its clients on Cloud solutions since the company was set up.

Some of the Cloud-related services we have provided include:

  • Helping our clients to understand where Cloud can support and complement their business – separating the practicalities from the hype. In some cases we have had to reset expectations: while it is invaluable, Cloud is not the answer to every question!
  • Migrating existing client systems partially or completely to the Cloud
  • Architecting and developing solutions which run in the Cloud, and consequently benefit from the scalability and resilience that only the Cloud can provide. One example is a Employee Performance Management system which our client provides as a software-as-a-service solution. Another is a system which is used to track Continuous Medical Education for medical professionals.
  • Providing a Cloud-based Document Management System for a client who provides services to customers all across the country. Not only does the system store the documents which are crucial to the running of the business, but it also highlights documents which are missing or out of date.

Two particular specialist areas for us are:

  • Integrating Cloud and on-premises solutions. This addresses the problem where new “silos” of data are emerging.
  • Transferring large volumes of data quickly and reliably between Cloud and on-premises solutions.

For more information or a demonstration of the system, give us a call today:

  • Email: sales@eastpointsolutions.ie
  • Dublin: +353 1 254 2911
  • London: +617 830 1896
  • Boston: +020 3289 3911


“Microsoft Ireland and EastPoint Solutions have been working closely together on various Microsoft technologies and solutions … Among these solutions is the strategically important Office 365 … we consider EastPoint to be one of our leading partners in Ireland. Through their various client engagements, they have demonstrated that they have the technical ability, and the experience, that is required to deliver on Microsoft’s Office 365 proposition. As a Microsoft accelerated partner, EastPoint receive priority access to a range of Microsoft resources and support when required.”

Colin Cassidy, Partner Strategy & Programmes Manager, Microsoft

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