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Agile Business Intelligence

Agile Business Intelligence replaces the traditional data warehouse with a faster and more flexible approach. Its unique benefits should be considered by companies who:

  • Are about to create or extend a data warehouse
  • Are struggling to get value and insight from an existing data warehouse
  • Need to integrate data from Cloud-bases systems (such as Salesforce) with on-premise data
  • Need to consolidate data to meet mandatory reporting requirements such as Solvency II

Gartner, the IT research company, recently conducted a global survey of more than 2,000 chief information officers worldwide to identify their top priorities for 2013. The number one item on that list was “Analytics and Business Intelligence”.

The reason companies are pushing this item up the priority list for their CIOs is that it is now more important than ever to understand your business and your customers.

There are a number of challenges in this for the CIO. The first is that the data that is needed to gain this understanding is still held in disconnected “silos“. The next one is that the traditional approach to this, the “data warehouse”, has proven to be time-consuming to design and construct and inflexible for answering the second and third rounds of questions as insight grows.

EastPoint, with our partner Nathean Technologies, has been offering our clients an agile BI solution which addresses these issues. The main benefits of the agile approach and technology are:

  • Fast Results. Projects to create a data warehouse are normally measured in months. Using agile BI you can start to see result in days.
  • Ability to connect to disparate sources. The Logix solution has connectors for many different data repositories. The most recent addition, in response to huge demand, allows it to connect to data held directly in Salesforce CRM.
  • Flexible. Unlike traditional data warehousing solutions, agile BI can adapt easily changing business needs. This allow you to report on today’s KPIs, and not those that were important 12 months ago.
  • Empowering. Logix reporting is fast, flexible, and easy to learn and use. It allows business users to get the information they need quickly.

Please contact EastPoint to find out what agile BI can do for your business.

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