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SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint is a Microsoft platform that allows people to work together more efficiently and effectively. It enables Document/Content Management, Collaboration, and custom features and applications (see more details below).

SharePoint is available in two forms:

  • Install it on your own servers (on-premises). Some of our clients prefer this as they feel that it gives them more control and security.
  • Use it on a pay-as-you-go basis from Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure (‘evergreen’ service). Some clients like this option as it is simpler and quicker to get started and involves less initial outlay, while Microsoft is responsible for supporting and maintaining the environment, including providing regular patches and upgrades.

How can EastPoint help you? We can:

  • Help you to understand the capabilities of SharePoint, how you can successfully introduce it into your organization, and what impact it can have on your business processes.
  • Create an Information Architecture so that SharePoint is tailored to meet your exact requirements and makes a difference from day one.
  • Configure and customize SharePoint to meet your exact needs.
  • Enhance SharePoint to provide you with additional functionality that is not available out-of-the-box.
  • Provide user training and support as you adopt the new system.

Main features of SharePoint

SharePoint has too many features to list individually; the most important are:

  • It supports Document/Content Management so that users can store, share, secure, find and edit documents of many different types. It can provide version control and audit trails. Documents can be viewed and edited on mobile devices.
  • It enables Collaboration – from two people editing a document at the same time, to discussing new ideas, managing a project, updating a central knowledgebase, letting colleagues, customers or suppliers know about new products and services.
  • It supports the development of custom features and applications that meet specific requirements while leveraging the content and the platform.

If you’d like to learn more about SharePoint and how we can help you to benefit from it, give us a call today:

  • Email: salesrubbish@eastpointsolutions.ie
  • Dublin: +353 1 254 2911
  • London: +617 830 1896
  • Boston: +020 3289 3911
“Microsoft Ireland and EastPoint Solutions have been working closely together on various Microsoft technologies and solutions … Among these solutions is the strategically important Office 365 … we consider EastPoint to be one of our leading partners in Ireland. Through their various client engagements, they have demonstrated that they have the technical ability, and the experience, that is required to deliver on Microsoft’s Office 365 proposition. As a Microsoft accelerated partner, EastPoint receive priority access to a range of Microsoft resources and support when required.” Colin Cassidy, Partner Strategy & Programmes Manager, Microsoft
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