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IBM Notes and Domino

IBM Notes and Domino is a mature platform that offers messaging, collaboration, and business applications through a unified interface. Key components of the product are developed right here in Ireland.

Our team has been designing and developing solutions based on the platform since Release 2.0 20 years ago. We can help you to get the most out of your investment in this technology, including by:

  • supporting and enhancing existing applications, allowing the information to be read and updated using web and mobile technology
  • integrating applications with other systems

One of the systems we integrate Notes with is IBM Connections, which is IBM’s social business product. A key technology for enhancing, integrating and rejuvenating Notes applications is xPages (also developed in Dublin).

To learn more about IBM Notes 9 Social Edition, IBM Connections, the forthcoming Mail Next or discuss what we can do for you, give us a call today:

  • Email: salesrubbish@eastpointsolutions.ie
  • Dublin: +353 1 254 2911
  • London: +617 830 1896
  • Boston: +020 3289 3911


“EastPoint Solutions are a certified Advanced IBM Software Partner in Ireland. Their management has a pedigree of software development in the Irish marketplace and a strong customer loyalty over the years. Their technical skill and professionalism is widely recognized in the IBM Technical community and they have been recognized as the thought leaders in mapping out the development and deployment of Cloud applications in Ireland. What EastPoint grasped early on was the fact that our customers would not simply deploy Cloud applications on their own, but as part of a rich environment that included in-house applications. Data and processes do not exist isolated in one environment or another. Data and metadata need to flow between environments and any process can span the customer internal or external infrastructures. The initial phase of any Cloud deployment may be a discrete application, but ultimately, and probably in a very short time-frame, clients need to integrate applications to derive maximum business value. EastPoint were the first Irish partner to elaborate this vision.  They are ahead of the game and well positioned to deliver value to our mutual customers.” Conor O’Leary, Go To Market Manager, IBM Software Group
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