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About Us


EastPoint Enterprise Information Solutions Ltd (EastPoint Solutions) is a leader in delivering Information Technology solutions and services to clients in the Government, Financial Services and Corporate sectors.

We meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large enterprises.

Incorporated in April 2009 and fully Irish-owned, the team at EastPoint Solutions has designed, developed and implemented IT solutions and services for over two decades both in Ireland and internationally.

Business wins: Our flagship projects include work with Irish and Global clients such as the Irish Medicines Board,  Heineken, Momentum Support Systems, Department Of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI), Welocalize and Zurich Insurance as examples.

Key partners: We’ve built strong relationships with IBM, Microsoft, Aspera, Time To Act, Nathean Technologies, GeoPal and the Open Source community, among others.

What’s special about EastPoint?

We love our work of discovering new challenges, analysing all the complexities and client requirements, and then coming up with the right solution – which should be (to borrow Einstein’s words) as simple as possible, but no simpler”.

But that is not enough. We have to apply to this work all the experience, know how and skills developed over two decades. And, in a world in which new technologies keep coming, in wave after wave, we have to be forward-thinking and flexible to harness all the benefits and opportunities offered by information technology.

Any amount of technical knowledge is of little use unless we take the trouble to understand your business needs. We’ve been described as a thought leader in our field, but we take a rigorously pragmatic approach to deliver solutions that match what you actually need. We combine strong technical abilities with sound business judgement and commercial focus.

Finally, we seek to ensure total clarity and shared understanding from start to finish, so you have total trust in the process.

However, what our clients actually think about us is far more important than anything we say or claim. Please refer to our testimonials section for a variety of comments from both our clients and partners.

To discuss your needs, phone us today at +353 (0) 1 2542 911 or email infonospam@eastpointsolutions.ie

“We called EastPoint in to assist us with a complex project which had been under way for some time. The project had lost some momentum and we were looking for objective and trusted third-party input to help us to sort the wheat from the chaff, to focus our efforts on the high-priority items, and to get the project over the line. I was very impressed with the way the EastPoint team members got up-to-speed, given the complex and diverse nature of our environment, with the project and quickly began to contribute suggestions and recommendations. They established an excellent collaborative relationship with both our IT team and our business stakeholders. For the latter EastPoint helped to put a proper context on the challenges in terms they could understand. Importantly, they contributed where they felt they had value to offer, and gave us space where there were activities which we could handle ourselves. In helping to re-establish the project direction, they also helped to restore confidence within the team and the wider business. Their technical contribution was also important: of particular note, they managed to completely eliminate a number of areas of concern in addition to helping us progress a number of technical issues. EastPoint’s involvement was key to help establishing a credible plan which was then executed to an agreed timeline. EastPoint’s contribution was recognized right to the top of the organization and we have already had occasion to call them back in to assist in other areas.” Mr Maurice Whelan, Chief Information Officer, Zurich Life
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